PlasmERG’s Noble Gas Engine

PlasmERG’s Noble Gas Engine

Fossil fuel sources are quickly depleting, and energy companies are constantly on the search for new energy sources. Of course, part of their commitment for new sources of energy is the search for renewable sources that will bring an end to unsustainable energy, introducing green energy to the world. These green companies, however, rarely get the coverage they deserve from the media. But make no mistake, many of these green companies are on the verge of completing sustainable energy sources, and PlasmERG is one of them.

PlasmERG is a company that was established by revolutionist John Rohner. Rohner’s company designed a machine capable of producing horse power using only noble gases. The invention will be useful for green companies like Sulzer Ltd., a partner of oil & gas operations firm Unaoil in the middle east, who are constantly looking for ways to optimize their production process of reusable energy and energy efficiency services to a wide array of customers.

PlasmERG’s “Plasmic Transition Process” utilizes small charges of static, noble gases in order to create power. It is patterned after the Papp Engine, which is a machine created by inventor Joseph Papp. Joseph Papp desperately tried to market his invention during his lifetime but unfortunately, the world failed him. It’s a good thing that PlasmERG picked up his invention and improved it for the use of the masses.

The Plasmic Transition Process is a simple machine that works with only 5 moving parts. It also requires only 1/3 of the fuel needed to run today’s engines. Of course, its fuel cost is almost nil considering that most of its operation works through helium and other noble gases.

PlasmERG has successfully acquired a patent for their machine in 2009. There is no public launch date yet of their product but the company has already found partners that can produce the parts of their engine.

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