Norşuntepe the enigmatic tel in Turkey

Norşuntepe is a Tell in Turkey , about 25 km from Elazig near the Euphrates river. It is now in situated at the middle of the Keban dam , so little more than an island in the lake is left. The crown of the hill, had an area of approximately 500 m to 300 m, within which settlement traces were detectable.


The site was excavated in 1968 by the German Archaeological Institute. The project had to be finished by 1974 because of the construction of the Keban Dam works and rising water level.


During the excavations 40 settlement layers could be identified from the late Chalcolithic through all phases of the Bronze Age through to a Urartian settlement in the Iron Age ranged. After the Iron Age, which also supplied several richly furnished graves, the settlement was abandoned and destroyed by fire.




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