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What Are Conspiracy Theories?

Whether you use the internet frequently, attend protests or activist group meetings, or you are just the social type who strikes up conversations with people while waiting in a long line, chances are you’ve met them. They are the few, the informed, the truly enlightened among the mass of sheep of which we ignorant are a part. More often than not they inform us that they were once nave and unenlightened just like us, but one day they saw something on Youtube or some other internet site, and started doing their “own research.”

Research which, incidentally, was limited only to sites like those of professional conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his ilk. Perhaps it was a book which “really opened their eyes.” Regardless of how they came to be aware of those things which elude the rest of us automatons, you can rest assured they are never looking back to those days of ignorance. They know who’s really in charge, and they know what really happened, that is they know the truth behind every disaster, terrorist attack, and conflict, and they are going to tell you about it. How long will they spend demonstrating their uncanny knowledge of the shadowy puppet-masters who control the world and make the news? How much time have you got?

First of all, let us make something clear. As conspiracy theories have increased in popularity over the past decades (in fact all-encompassing conspiracy theories involving shadowy movements acting to overthrow the status quo seem to trace their origins to the late 18th century, at least in the United States), so grows the conspiracy theorists’ irritation at the very word conspiracy. They allege that conspiracies happen all the time, and they likewise allege that the “official story” behind many events also involve conspiracies. This ignores the definition of the term in modern speech. “Conspiracy theory” does not mean a narrative which involves a conspiracy among its participants, but rather an alternate, and more importantly un-falsifiable alternate explanation for either an event or the world in general, which is supported by the alleged existence of a conspiracy.

In other words, it is a hypothesis where a lack of evidence is explained away by a cover-up by the alleged conspirators, known or unknown, and contrary evidence is rejected as fabricated. In other words, it’s a lot like any hypothesis only it relies on a conspiracy which amounts to “heads I win, tails you lose” reasoning to explain itself. Now that we have a working definition, and any angry conspiracy theorists are welcome to look up the modern colloquial definition, let us explore the many reasons why conspiracy theories are idiotic and serve no purpose other than to prevent real change for the better.

A Secret Society

Who or are the Illuminati? Perhaps your first thought is that of a paranoid crackpot wearing a tinfoil hat or maybe your thinking more in lines of The Apocalypse, the Anti-Christ and the coming New World Order. The Illuminati largely remain a mystery with any number of contradictory opinions, theories and interpretations of history.

Whether the Illuminati is a secret organization manipulating humanity or was a short-lived group of intellectuals looking for enlightenment in the 1700’s will probably be debated for years to come. Still, I find this mysterious group fascinating. Despite all the conspiracy theories and real or imagined paranoia about the Illuminati there are some concrete indisputable facts regarding them. On the other hand, there is a wealth of largely unverifiable interpretations and conjecture about the Illuminati.

When Were The Illuminati Formed?

OK, The Illuminati is a secret society. That was easy. No arguments, or differences of opinion there. It is the nature of a secret society to remain secret. And the Illuminati, if it does actually exist is as secret as they come. We begin in the 1500’s when the first written mention of the Illuminati.References to enlightened ones or Illuminati first began then. Occultists referred to themselves as Illuminati or “enlightened” ones..

This group used occult practices and rituals and believed they were in contact with a higher power. This group was called-The Rosicrucians. The remnants of the Roscrucians probably either formed or were incorporated into the Illuminati in the 1700’s.

Adam Wieshaupt founded the The Illuminati in the 1700’s. This group is often referred to as the Bavarian Illuminati to distinguish it from the Illuminati that many feel goes further back, perhaps even to the roots of civilization.
In 1776, Wieshaupt published a manifesto for the Illuminati spelling out its goals. Weishaupt manifesto called for a one-world order. His plan as spelled out in the Illuminati manifesto called for among other things abolishing religion, government, orders of class, right to own property and raise your own children and nationalism. The Bavarian government discovered Wieshaupt manifesto, largely by accident and forcibly disbanded the Illuminati.
Although the manifesto was much more detailed, many of these goals relate directly to the state of our society today. Think about how society and the plight of the common man has changed over the past few hundred years or even the last few decades. Is the moral degradation of our society planned?
Many believe that the Illuminati still seeks a one world government remains. Can’t debate that the manifesto exists, is displayed at the British Museum.a Nor that Wieshaupt started an organization called the Illuminati. The question remains are they still actively pursuing this goal? Perhaps under the umbrella of secret societies or groups using different names:Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and The Skull and Bones?
Much controversy surrounds this topic, with many believing that the Illuminati go further back than the 1700’s Perhaps even as far back as thousands of years. That the top of the Illuminati power pyramid is actually members of 13 families. And that these bloodlines trace their roots back to ancient Egypt or even further.

How They Control the World

The Illuminati’s goal is to rule the world with a one-world government. It accomplishes this by manipulating countries through their leaders and their legislation. It engineers crisis’s and events that only they have a solution to. However these engineered crisis and there solutions are designed to further propel the world accepting a one-world government..

Reference to the Illuminati started in the 1700’s. However many believe that some form of the secret group probably started well before then, exists to this day and is comprised of the wealthiest and most powerful families. They control by using networks of secret organizations and societies. These organizations and secret societies included what was referred to as The Illuminati in the 17th century, The Rosicrucians, in the 15th century and many others going further back in time. In this era groups such as The Bilderberg’s, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons and Skull and Bones.

Although placing a name on the organization is necessary referring to them as the Illuminati I think misses the full picture and how far back they actually go.

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So Who Are The Illuminati?

Describing the group, or families that seek to rule the world as the Illuminati is probably a little too simplistic. History shows time and time again that he who has the money has the power. For example, in the bible Jesus speaks of money changers, modern day bankers. Nothing has changed much since civilizations beginnings. Is the common element a secretive society that manipulates civilization and their governments into puppets that do their bidding? Reads the news, watch it on television, talk to your neighbors or participate in forums and a common theme is repeated year after year. The power that of corporations, banks and the military industrial complex. They manipulate our legislation with lobbyists to assure legislation that accomplishes their interests and goals. Money grants access to legislators that ordinary citizens cannot get.

So, if corporations can use lobbyists to manipulate legislation with money, power and the weaknesses of our legislators couldn’t some mysterious and more powerful group manipulate corporations, and banks? Could these families or this secret organization manipulate corporations and banks in a similar fashion?


In a democracy, the decision where to draw the line between a citizen’s right to know and the government’s right to secrecy for national security reasons must be made by appropriate members of the society. This issue has become the focus of much attention today and is especially relevant to an ongoing discussion, both inside and outside Congress, regarding the monumental lies about all the areas we are mentioning on this website.
For obvious reasons, military services and the intelligence agencies must maintain a certain amount of secrecy. However, in recent decades, and especially since the end of the Cold War, many observers believe that the use of government secrecy has become excessive.

The power of government employees to restrict access to reports which they write by classifying them “confidential,” “secret” or even “top secret” is often absolute. Once these reports are classified, they can only be declassified by the originator or by a special procedure that moves along at a glacial pace. Nor does the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) help very much. It does not apply to most classified material. Meanwhile, our criminal statutes protect against the unauthorized revelation of classified materials.

Secrecy, like power, lends itself to abuse. Behind the shield of secrecy, it is possible for an agency or service to avoid scrutiny and essentially to operate outside of the law. Accountability to the tax payers and to the Congress can be conveniently avoided. The vast majority of people employed by the U.S. government do not have access to classified information. Even those with secret and top secret clearances will not have access to all highly classified information. Furthermore, it is doubtful whether any member of Congress can have access to all such information. Given the size of the government bureaucracy and high degree of compartmentalization that exists within it, it is conceivable that even the President himself is not fully briefed on matters classified as “above top secret.”

Such information, allowing access only on the strictest “need-to-know” basis, is not necessarily given to senior elected officials who come and go and can therefore be regarded as temporary, political and unreliable.
Such action seems inconsistent with a government that officially downplays the existence of true intelligent life outer space, and officially states that there is no threat to national security.

In the case of UFO phenomena, the question must be asked: what would give an un-elected government official the right to keep this information to himself, thereby depriving the rest of the world of possible knowledge of almost inconceivable magnitude and consequence? Such elitism by the officials of any government, much less a government based on the principles of democracy and individual rights, is a gross injustice not only to its own people, but to all people.

At issue, in this case, is access to knowledge perhaps so profound that it affects not only our very perspective on man’s place in the universe, but also perhaps his continued presence on this planet. The UFO phenomenon is real, and we have clear evidence that an unknown technology is at work, whose potential could be enormous for the good of mankind – a potential source, for example, for useful energy benign to the environment.
To acknowledge the enormous gap between our present understanding of science and what is being evidenced, would provide the urgently needed challenge to the scientific establishment to examine where some of its basic assumptions might be faulty and to move beyond them.

Is it possible that a few privileged individuals have access to this information while denying it to the electorate for “national security” reasons, so that it can be privately studied? In a democracy, should not this decision be made by our elected officials and be based upon an informed discussion?




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