Four Easy Self-Massage Techniques to Quickly Alleviate Tension


Stress; we all have it, and we all want to get rid of it. But how? One of the fastest ways to give stress the boot and feel refreshed and calm is by focusing on a few key pressure points on our bodies.

The focus on these pressure points is often referred to as acupressure, a healing art used in Eastern medicine. Four common pressure point areas are the shoulders, skull, neck and the third eye. Here are some easy, self-massage techniques you can try to quickly alleviate tension in these four areas:

• Shoulders— Curve your hands into cup shapes, and place your fingertips on the tops of your shoulders, and press with your index, middle and ring fingers for 20 seconds.

• Skull—Interlace your fingers, and place them behind your head at the point on your neck where it meets the skull, then with your two thumbs, press gently for 20 seconds.

• Neck—Use your left hand, reach behind your neck, and place your fingers on the area below your right ear. While doing this, press the area behind your right knee with your right hand. Hold for 20 seconds, then release and repeat on the other side.

• Third Eye—Place your index finger in the space directly between both eyes and above the nose, and tap at least 20 times.

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