1 Year After Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Crime Rates & Drug Use Down, Economy Booming (VIDEO)

While residents have been enjoying dixie rolls, peppermint white chocolate, and truffles all made with marijuana, their economy and standard of living have both seen significant increases.

Colorado legalized weed endalldiseaseOn January 1st, 2014 the first legal marijuana stores opened in Colorado and began selling to anyone over the age of 21.  In their first year, more than 60 marijuana outlets generated $295 million dollars in sales, $51 million of which the state has collected in tax revenues.

Now that a year has passed, the impact of legalized marijuana on health, crime, employment, and economic growth have be calculated and will be presented to you right now.  “We found there hasn’t been much of a change of anything,” and “officers aren’t seeing much of a change in how they do police work,” said a Denver police officer.

The Benefits of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado


Employment Soaring
The legalization of cannabis in Colorado has become a spectacle that has attracted countless tourists to the state, resulting in thousands of jobs created for state residents.

Crime Rates Down
Since the legalization of marijuana, Colorado has witnessed a decline in impaired driving, property crime and violent crime.  Even drug use is down since the legalization of Marijuana, providing evidence that just because it is legal, doesn’t mean people are going to do it more.

Economy Booming
After collecting $60 million in taxes from marijuana sales, the mayor has used $4 million to create new programs to further improve the city.  Interestingly, the mayor is reported to be against the legalization of marijuana, yet he had no problem spending the money.

Legalization: More States to Follow

Even though many of us already knew that the legalization of marijuana would come with enormous benefits to people and to the standard of living for people living there, some of us had to see it for themselves. Colorado’s bold step forward in legalizing cannabis has shown us the positive effects it can have on the economy, and now we can prepare for more states to follow Colorado’s lead. Washington, Alaska and Oregon are now voting for legislation, and a final bill was recently filed to legalize marijuana in New York.

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